Chapter 5- The Chef

It was my sophomore year in college. I had moved out of the dorms, and into a small house I shared with Morgan. The house was small, and we rented the lower level of the house, where we shared one bedroom, bathroom, a kitchen, and a small living space. The upper level of the house belonged to our landlord’s daughter, who attended college with us, but can’t say we ever became friends. The two levels were separated by a door on top of the stairs, which always remained locked. The only time we ever saw the landlord’s daughter, was when she needed to come down to our living space to do her laundry.

Morgan and I knew each other in middle school, then went on to different high schools where we lost touch. It was the first day of college when we ran into each other again and picked up where we left off. We stayed on the same floor of the dorms, before deciding the next year to love with each other. She would continue to be one of my best friends throughout our college career.

While at this house, I met Patrick. Patrick went to my high school as well, and we somehow reconnected. Patrick was about 5’9, muscular, and some sort of mix breed something. To this day, I still don’t know his ethnicity, and I don’t know why I never bothered to ask. He had perfectly olive skin with freckles around his nose, dark hair, and a smirk that could break any girl’s heart. He was truly handsome, and someone I’ve always had my eye on throughout high school. Patrick wanted to be a chef, and supposedly loved to cook. He talked about going to culinary school, and his love for Italian cuisine, so he eventually asked me out on a date to grab some Italian. “I like to treat my girl”, as he put it, and told me he would be taking me for fancy Italian. I was excited to see him again after a few years, so I accepted his invitation. I didn’t realize fancy Italian meant the Olive Garden, but that’s where we ended up. At this point in my life, I was a poor college student with absolutely no money, and working two jobs, so I wasn’t in a position to be judgmental.

Patrick was very sweet, and I did want to get to know him better. He was a little too sweet. He clung to me immediately, and was not about to let go. I was his “babe” or “baby” immediately after our first date. I didn’t mind the attention too much at first; it was kind of nice to be held in public, or felt like I was wanted. We eventually did end up having sex. His size was more comparable to my body, and he was my first partner who didn’t feel like he was trying to break my cervix. It was the first time sex actually felt good. So good, I was caught in the moment of not asking him to use any protection. Good sex came with a price. This was also my first time ending up at a pharmacy asking for Plan B. Anyone in this situation, knows it’s not a comfortable one. I have never felt so judged by a complete stranger in my entire life, but it was better than the anxiety of thinking I could get pregnant. I told Patrick about this, and he really didn’t think anything of it. He gave me a quick sorry, and then continued about his regular mood.

Patrick wanted to go everywhere with me, and eventually I grew tired of it. I broke up with him after we dated for maybe less than a month. I felt the way he handled my pregnant scare was a little immature, and I really wanted to find someone a little more responsible. He became very angry at me for breaking up with him. He decided that after talking to all his friends about me, I was being unreasonable. It threw me off that this opinion came from his friends and not him, and I was very confused about why their opinions even mattered in our relationship. He didn’t understand this, and I didn’t understand him. We never made up, and things ended a little rocky, but I never heard from him again.

From what I hear from some of our mutual friends, Patrick has a child now, and is still single, working on his fitness. I guess he never learned to wrap it up. I am very relieved that is not my child, but I hear the kid is adorable. I sincerely hope he’s happy. Deep down, he was a very sweet guy.

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