Chapter 6: The Birthday Surprise

I’ll keep this story short and sweet, just like the guy I’m about to introduce. Up until I turned 21, my college experience had been relatively mellow. I spent the majority of my time studying, and going out consisted of group outings to the local late-night smoothie joint. I was never into celebrating my birthdays, but I made 21 an exception. I celebrated my 21st birthday with all of my closest friends, where we hit up as many bars as my liver could handle. This night was a blur, but the last person standing with me was Morgan. We were accompanied by her date, and his friend, Ken.

We ended up getting to Ken’s apartment to continue our night after all the bars closed. I remember it was a quaint, one bedroom apartment, decently lavished for a man in his early 30’s. I don’t remember what he even looked like. Just that he had brown hair, and a perfect smile. I’m sure if I ever ran into him again, I wouldn’t even recognize him. After smoking an entire bowl of hookah, we headed down to the hot tub, scantily dressed down in the lingerie we came in. Things escalated pretty quickly from there, and Morgan had left with her date back to the apartment, leaving Ken and I alone in the hot tub.

To this day, I don’t know how I stayed coherent enough to remember Ken, and consent to hot tub sex, but I was, and I did. There was something very risqué about having sex in public, but up until this point, it was the best sex I ever had. In that moment, he was sexy, and he knew exactly how to turn me on. After leaving the hot tub, we headed back to the apartment, where Ken was ready for round two. He carried me to the bathroom, propped me onto the sink, and proceeded to caress and enter my body for the second time.  He took charge in the most gentle kind of way. A way that made me feel like I wanted him over and over again. And for that night, I let him do just that. Eventually, it was time for Morgan and I to head home. We swapped phone numbers, and I gave him one last hug.

The next morning, I texted him, but never heard back. A little disappointed, I had asked Morgan to check to see if I had the right number. She verified the number with her date last night, and sent me the number he had. I again, texted him, but failed to get a response. Ken was officially my first one night stand.

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