Chapter 3: One-Minute Mitch

After graduating high school, I went on to a local private university. I wanted to move on to make it the best years of my life. But like every freshman in college, I still held on to what little I had from high school. Mitch went to the opposing high school. I met him through one of my best friends at the time, Nikki. She was the bridge between my old life, and the life I wanted to create for myself. Regardless, I considered her my ride-or-die bitch throughout high school, and most of college, but we’ll get back to her later.

Mitch was this scrawny, tall boy with a bit of a lisp. Don’t ask me what I found attractive about him, I honestly don’t know. He was an interesting one. Maybe it was his lisp that made him hate communication, but up until this point, I’ve always liked to chat on the phone. I remember he hated it so much, he would never answer my calls. He would ignore my call, and text me back instead. I found that strange, but I went along with it.

Our first time going out together was to a strip club with Nikki and Mitch’s roommate, George. I suppose he considered it a date, since he paid for my cover. This was both my first group date and my first time being to a strip club, and I prefer doing neither ever again. Our most memorable outing was when we went to a park one night. One of us felt it’d be a cute idea to go lay out on the grass on a picnic blanket. Needless to say, we both woke up the next morning with mosquito bites all over our bodies. This would be the mood of the rest of our relationship, one mistake after the next.

I hate to admit it, but as weird as he was, I liked the guy. I liked him enough to decide he would be the one that can have my virginity. It happened in the dorms, whether it was his or mine, I can’t recall. It must have been his first time too (though he never admitted it), but it was the most uncomfortable situation I ever put myself through. The lack of communication made it even worse. Mitch was very generously endowed, and every inch of him hurt like hell. He made no effort to ask me if I was okay, but I was hoping to God he was going to finish, and soon. In about a minute’s time, it was finally over. That was the first, and very last time I would have sex with Mitch.

Our relationship ended pretty quickly after that. There was a definite lack of communication in our relationship. He would never discuss issues we had; he would never discuss anything period. Every issue we had, I found out about it on MySpace (yes, I said MySpace). I didn’t like that he aired our dirty laundry on social media instead of talking to me about it, so I eventually ended it. How he felt about the break-up? I guess we’ll never know.

Less than a year after we broke up, I heard he got his girlfriend pregnant. I hope he and the baby are doing fine. I also hear he’s gotten into fitness. Scrawny little Mitch is not so scrawny anymore. Quite the opposite. I ran into him a few times at a club he was a bouncer for, and boyfriend developed some muscle tone. Good for him.

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