Chapter 2: The Air Force Pilot

When I was a Junior in high school, I met Chris. He was a senior JROTC member, and the most beautiful boy I’ve ever met. Chris was a 6 foot 2, blonde hair, blue eyed beauty of a boy, with an athletic build, and he made my heart melt. I wanted him the first time I laid eyes on him. We met on off hour in our school hallway. Our first conversation is a blur, but he asked me out on a date shortly thereafter. We were both on the swim team, so most of our dates consisted of going out after the meets, and just hanging out after practice.

Chris was very much a romantic. He took every chance he could to walk me to all my classes, and told me he loved me in our first month of dating. My most memorable date with him was when he took me to a field next to the airport. He opened up the back of his giant 4runner, and we just watched the airplanes take off. This date gave me a good glimpse into his heart, and let me see who he really was. A hopeless romantic.

Our relationship stayed very innocent. I truly thought he would be the one I lost my virginity to. The night we decided to have sex, his dad came home early. I was rushed to put my clothes back on, then meet his father. We never re-visited the idea after that. We went on to date for a few months after that night, went to his senior prom together, and celebrated his graduation before things came to a real end.

As perfectly innocent as things were, I broke up with Chris because Chris talked about Chris just about as much as he loved me. He knew too well he was going to leave our little high school to do great things, and took every chance he got to remind me of that. In the end, he was too young to know what love was, and I was too young to know how to love.

I met up with Chris again sometime in the middle of my college career. He was in the air force academy at this point, and came home for a visit. He was all grown up, and more handsome than I could ever remember. It made me wonder why I broke up with him in the first place. We went out to dinner, then took a very long walk around my college campus. I missed him, with every bone in my body. We talked about getting back together, the good days, and the bad. Ultimately, I was too selfish to try a long distance relationship, and once he opened his mouth, I remembered why we broke up initially. Chris still really loved Chris, that part of him never grew up.

A few years later, and he did fulfill all his dreams. He became an Air Force Pilot, just like he wanted. He also ended up getting married I came to learn. I’m so happy for him, and do wish him and his new family the very best.

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