Sunday Mornings: Coffee for the wicked

Good morning my little sinners! Happy superbowl Sunday! Who are you voting for, the Pats or the Falcons? I was definitely raised a die hard broncos fan, but for today, I can be a Falcons fan for the day 🙂 

For about a year now, my morning ritual has stayed the same, at least when it comes to coffee. No matter what the day, Sunday mornings are made of strong coffee and a good read. The current read is called The Travelers, by Chris Pavone. I stole this book from my ex-boyfriend, and I’ve been hooked on Chris Pavone ever since. It’s a little bit of a mysterious thriller, and has a bit of a double life persona. My kind of book. 

I’m drinking a triple espresso latte, with a pump of raspberry  (for good luck to the Falcons tonight). I usually take my coffee black, but Sunday mornings deserve a little bit of milk and sugar!

Here’s a peak at my coffee bar. I made it out of the reclaimed wood of my former deck, and painted with chalkboard paint. I’ll do a DIY at some point to go further into detail about it a little later on. Hope you all enjoy your coffee and your Sunday. Go Falcons!


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