How to cure your hangover in time for the work week

If you are anything like me, your work week is long and stressful, and weekends are made to let loose. The hardest part of letting loose is having to reset the day after. I used to be able to party all night, drink to my heart’s content, and still be able to get up in time for an 8AM class. That is definitely not the case in my later twenties. I find myself struggling more and more to get out of bed and be a contributing human to society. What used to take me hours to recover, now takes me days to recover from a night out. My ritual after a night out usually consists of sleeping in until noon, then turning on the TV and vegging out with a bag of Doritos for the rest of the day. After an entire day of feeling absolutely useless, it sets the mood for the rest of my week, tired and sloppy. I consider my weekends borderline holy, so sacrificing on my fun was not in my intentions, but something had to happen in order for me to continue to have fun, all while being able to function the next day. After some trial and error, I have found the easiest cure for a hangover in just a few simple steps that actually work!

  1. The Prep Work

Like all successful things, preparation is not only crucial, it is necessary. Before hitting the town, take two Tylenol tablets one hour prior to your first cocktail. In my experience, my headaches are basically non-existent the morning after drinking if I take this precaution.

2.  Be mindful of what you drink

Over the years, I have gotten into the habit of taking my alcohol straight. I don’t take mixed shots, and I steer clear of mixed drinks. Bartenders are heavy on the sugar in their cocktails, which makes me instantly sick after one or two drinks. The sugar makes you bloated, and a lot more full than you actually are. If I take shots, I’ll take them straight. As for drinks, I prefer my whiskey neat. I know for most people, this will never be the case. If you are not a huge fan of the taste alcohol, try doing a vodka soda with lime, or chasing your shots with cranberry juice. Your stomach will thank you.

3. Eat before you go to bed

I am an avid gym-goer, and usually very strict on not eating after a certain hour, but I always make an exception after a night out. The greasier the better! Having some greasy fries, diner food, or fast food Mexican always does the job. Don’t quote me on the science behind this, but I find the grease to be very helpful in hangover prevention and next morning nausea. My personal favorite is the local 24 hour Mexican joint right outside the downtown city limits. Once my stomach is lined with some street tacos or a smothered burrito, I’m usually set for the rest of the night.

4. Hydrate the morning after

The most important step comes the morning after. My breakfast consists of an orange, and a glass of strawberry lemonade Pedialyte. After steps 1 to 3, it is never a 100% guarantee you won’t be a little sick if you overdo it. The Pedialyte has been pure gold. It’s full of electrolytes that gives your body the hydration and balance it needs after a night of drinking. After a glass of this magical juice, I feel fully charged, and back to my normal self. The orange is refreshing, and easy on my stomach. The sugars in the orange also help balance the saltiness of the Pedialyte.  Last weekend after I took this regimen, I was able to clean my entire house top to bottom, do two loads of laundry, and walk my dogs the Sunday after going out. It was amazing!

I felt like I could conquer the world. I’m sure my pups appreciated the extra energy too. Now I feel like I can still go out without sacrificing a little fun to still function throughout the week. Try it, and let me know what you think! You won’t regret it.

Foods to avoid the morning after

These are my definite no’s that wrecked my world on a hangover:

  1. Dairy. All dairy. This includes the creamer for my morning coffee, so I avoid coffee altogether. The dairy really gets my stomach churning and throwing up, if I haven’t done so already.
  2. Leftovers. These just remind me of what I probably threw up the night before, and the sight of these foods make me run straight to the bathroom for round two.
  3. Orange juice. Have you ever brushed your teeth, then immediately go for a glass of orange juice? If you haven’t, don’t. The same taste applies for when you are a hungover mess.
  4. Bread. The theory about bread soaking up all the extra alcohol in your stomach is totally false. All this does is make you bloat, and makes it painfully aware there is still alcohol in your system.



Life at a Funeral

January 23, 2017

I suppose today would be a good day to start my first blog post.

Today, I attended the funeral services of a guy I barely knew. I learned more about him in his obituary than I did in the 3 dates I went with him, and that is something I will always regret. Tommy was the last person I dated in attempt of getting over my ex. I don’t think I ever gave him the full benefit of getting to know me, and vice versa, and I know that now. Hearing all the kind words everyone had to say about him, I realized I never gave him a chance, and never got to know him the way he deserved. That is something I will have to live with for the rest of my life.

But from the brief time I knew him, here’s what I learned. Tommy was full of life, and he always said what he meant. I took that for immaturity. Tommy never made the first move; he was a gentleman, and always did what I wanted. I took that for submission. Tommy took the time to do his research about me, remembered all our conversations, so he can assure me that he listens. I took that for stalking. I took everything Tommy had to offer for granted, all because I wasn’t ready to let anyone in my life.

The last thing I received from him was a text message, one week prior to his death. He had sent me a cryptic message, then quickly replied, “sorry, that was meant for someone else”. I figured since he wasn’t trying to reach me, I wouldn’t have to respond, so I didn’t. Looking back, I wish that I had, because I knew deep down, that text really was meant for me. The hardest part about death is the lack of a goodbye. I never got to say my goodbyes; I never thought I would ever have to. He was such a sweet guy, and I really did want to be his friend.

So today, I attended a funeral of a guy I barely knew, and I left knowing what a great soul Heaven has gained. So here’s to you, Tommy: I know I’m too late, but being surrounded my your loved ones, it was my loss for losing you. You truly have left behind a legacy, and you will truly be missed. One day or one year, it doesn’t take long for someone to see the good in you, and the goodness you have radiated. You will forever be missed, and you will live forever in my heart. I really do wish I would have gotten more time with you. I could have learned a lot from you. But one thing I did learn, is life is short. Life is unexpected. But life can be beautiful. Even in the light of death. Until we meet again. Love always.


Duke mourns passing of wrestler Tommy Van Hoang

“but it is the smallest things you miss when you lose someone. like the last kiss you shared and the last time you looked into their eyes. those are the things that kill you. those are the things you take with you as time goes by” -R. M. Drake